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When you know pets as well as we do, you know how to take care of them. At Waggin & Walkin we will provide your pet with personalised care tailored to their needs, whilst providing affection, exercise and lots of doggie fun!

We're serious about our work and willing to invest time, money and energy in educating ourselves. Click the logos below to read more about our professional certifications:-

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Hello! My name is Jayne, the owner of Waggin and Walkin...

Jayne Coleman - Waggin & Walkin

My love for animals started many years ago, when I read an article about the bears that are poached from the wild and trained to 'dance' for tourists. My dream that day was to somehow give something back, to bring happiness, care and quality of life to all animals. Over the years, I have volunteered with the Siberian Husky Club, re-homing unwanted dogs at a wildlife sanctuary in Arizona. I have also worked at the Liberty Bear Sanctuary in Romania, and the Triaj Dog Shelter near Brasov.

Seldom has there been a time in my life that I haven't had one or more pets by my side. Over the years several dogs, including 5 Huskies, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, and even a Minor Bird called Boris, have all made their way into my heart.

As a former Dog Groomer I have come to realize how much experience, time, energy and patience goes into caring for animals. As a pet owner I also realise how hard it is to entrust that responsibility to someone I don't know. Because of this, I created Waggin and Walkin!

The time had finally come to follow my dream of working with animals by doing what I love to do. I needed to feel like I was making a difference in the lives of others. I needed to run with the pack. I needed to roll around on the ground with all types of dogs and get big wet slobbery licks all over my face.

Waggin and Walkin was founded with one goal in mind, to provide the finest possible care to dogs, cats and all small animals. Pet care is a client service business that requires a deep level of trust and responsibility, along with an unabashed sense of love and caring for all animals. At Waggin and Walkin, we never forget our commitment to these core values and strive to be our best every day, no matter what the Milton Keynes weather throws our way. Our company is built on honesty, integrity, compassion and an unceasing desire to meet your dog's every need. We continually strived to surpass your every expectation. While we have fun doing what we do, we also take our responsibilities very seriously. We treat your dogs as our own because they really do become a part of our own Waggin and Walkin family. We want you to feel secure in the knowledge that your dog is being exceptionally well looked after whilst in our care.

With our top-notch team of knowledgeable, professional and compassionate animal carers, Waggin and Walkin seeks to provide the best to its canine clients every day, throughout the Milton Keynes area. We invite you and your dog to give us a try and learn for yourselves why we are delightfully different in lavishing your pet. As part of the Waggin and Walking family, you can expect the best. Your dog's happiness, comfort and safety will always be our highest priority.

Meet The Team


Meet the Team - Nicky

Hi, my name is Nicky and I'm 36 years old. I have worked with dogs since the age of 14 when I had a weekend job at a local kennels. After finishing school I went to Moulton College and completed a two year course for which I gained a BTEC National Diploma in Animal Care. After college I worked in kennels briefly where I was lucky enough to be introduced to an amazing Dog Groomer who taught me all the grooming skills I have today. For the past 15 years I have worked as a professional dog groomer, both mobile and salon based, and therefore have good experience at handling most breeds of all sizes. Most recently I attended a "Dangerous dog handling" course where I picked up many useful tips in reading body language and dealing with varying types of nerves, aggression and anxiety in dogs, as well as learning how to deal with a potential dog fight. Due to this course I am also very familiar with the dangerous dogs act. I have grown up with dogs and have been around them all my life. I currently own an amazing working black Labrador so dog walking really is a way of life for me. I'm really looking forward to meeting some of your beloved pooches and can't wait to make some new "doggy" friends!!


Meet the Team - Shannon

Hi, my name is Shannon and I am from Trinidad and Tobago. Growing up in the Caribbean my childhood consisted of always having dogs in our household, where they were treated as though they were part of the family. This has contributed to my life values that all animals should be respected and treated fairly and has consequently made me into a strong advocate for animal and environmental conservation. My previous qualifications involved studying Animal Behaviour and Animal Handling and I currently hold a K9 First Aid Certificate. I also volunteer at HULA Animal Rescue Centre as a dog walker and Animal Welfare Assistant. As a Waggin & Walkin Dog Walker my aim is to build a friendly, fun and trusting relationship with all the dogs under my care and treat each one as if they were my own.


Meet the Team - Chris

Hi my name is Chris, my parents were keen dog owners and I grew up in the dog-friendly environment. As my parents were regularly posted abroad, we often 'inherited' dogs from their predecessors which ranged in breeds from an English bulldog to Siberian husky. This was a challenge as the dogs had to learn to engage with new owners every 2 to 3 years, however I learnt from my parents how important it is to gain a dog's trust. I currently own a Doberman bitch called Lottie, who is 2 years old. Lottie was 8 weeks of age when she came to live with us. I have attended puppy training classes with her and have also worked on an individual basis with a gun dog trainer to obtain further experience in the training of dogs. My love of animals inspired me to attend a pet first aid course recently, and now I am a fully qualified Canine First Responder. I also wanted a position where I could spend time with dogs rather than sitting in front of a computer all day.


Meet the Team - Alice

Hi, I'm Alice!

I've been enjoying the company of dogs throughout my entire life and couldn't imagine living without them. I stumbled across Waggin & Walkin when looking for something new and exciting to get stuck into.

Having lived in the countryside since I was small, I just love being outdoors and active whatever the weather. With 5 dogs at home I can understand the time, love and attention your doggies need as well as the bond and trust that has to be built.

That's why I love my job - I get to spend time with some wonderful animals and make sure they are having a fun, energetic and enjoyable walk whilst you are away.


Meet the Team - Lisa

Hello, my name's Lisa.

My love of animals started from a very young age and over the years I have always either had dogs and cats of varying sizes. We used to have a beautiful Great Dane/Shepherd cross called Sadie and a very handsome Border Collie cross called Sam, who have sadly passed away now.

Since becoming dog-less six years ago we as a family have really missed the company and joy that a dog brings. So when the opportunity arose to join the Waggin & Walkin team, I jumped at it.

It's so wonderful to be able to offer a warm loving home environment just like home from home for all of our four legged friends, whilst their owners are away, knowing that their pet are having a lovely holiday too.


Meet the Team - Lauren

Hello! I'm Lauren.

I've recently relocated to Milton Keynes from Derby having grown up in Sheffield. I've never been without a canine companion at home and can't imagine life with no four legged friend by my side. Having had 8 dogs at home of varying sizes and temperaments from Pugs and Cavaliers to Weimaraners and Retrievers, some Deaf, some Blind and some just needing a bit of extra patience and TLC; I consider myself to be a Dog person! I've volunteered in rescues over the years, so after deciding I'd had enough of a 9 - 5 routine and wanting to put my passion for animals to use, I was delighted to become a member of the Waggin & Walkin team! In my spare time I'm also an avid member of the Guiding and Scouting community, running a Brownie group for Deaf girls and participating in Network and Ranger events throughout the country.

I very much look forward to meeting all of your dogs and enjoying the great outdoors with them!


Meet the Team - Carla

I am Carla and I'm 42. I moved to Milton Keynes with my family from the New Forest last September, so I'm still fairly new to the area. I've always had dogs in my life, I currently have an 8yr old staffie cross beagle who is missing a front leg, and a French bulldog who is almost 2 yrs old and sadly not dog social.

To be able to work for a company like Waggin and Walkin has been a wonderful opportunity for me; it has enabled me to discover some of the wonderful places to walk that Milton Keynes have to offer and I have been able to meet, and fall in love with, so many dogs of all shapes and sizes. Being the owner of dogs, and having previously used a dog walker, helps me understand the needs of the people that use the business. Having a dog with a special walking requirement and a dog that isn't dog friendly has made me more empathetic and understanding that not all dogs need the same services. I love to be outside and active and truly love my job.


Meet the Team - Dave

Hi I'm Dave (the old man of the team LOL)

I had always wanted to have dogs in my life but was never able until I took early retirement, I then got a rescue dog Bella (GSD x Husky) after 6 months I then had to get another one. (one is not enough) So I got Teddy another GSD x Husky rescue dog and oh boy were my eyes opened!

He was the complete opposite to Bella, he was not dog friendly at all, so off we both went to dog school every Sunday. Eighteen months later Teddy is a better dog, he will never be perfect but I love him and Bella too. The eighteen months of training sparked a real interest in how to handle, care and interact with our canine friends.

When the opportunity to join the Waggin & Walkin team came up it just seemed to be perfect. I get to stay fit and make lots of new "doggy" friends whilst at the same time put into practice some of the things I have learnt.


Just amazing service! With many dog walkers in MK and I found the best. My little dog Bobby has found a nice friend to walk with. When I come home from a long day at work and I see my little precious baby well exercised, all I have to do is give him love. I recommend Waggin and Walkin Dog Walks to everyone who works long days and needs somebody they can trust to take care of their dog.
Marcia Stains
I couldn't have been happier to have you care for my little Speedy whilst I was away working. It was a great relief to know he was well taken care of and comfortable at home. Thank you!
Gary Marsh
Really pleased with the service from Waggin and Walkin, very professional set up with well-equipped van and all the insurance and certificates you need, Jayne's warm, friendly manner and years of experience made us sure Cooper would be in safe hands and he certainly enjoyed his Doggie Day-care.
Matthew Parkinson
We were impressed by Jayne who came to meet our dog Frank before the first booking, and took time to explain her service and past experience. We were sent photos by mobile when he was out for his walk and he looked like he was having fun. We will definitely use Waggin and Walkin again.
David Wild
So glad I found this lovely lady, and my dog is even happier. She loves going off for her walks and I am completely confident in Jayne's abilities.
Joyce Scotland

We are fully qualified