Cat Sitting & Kitten care

With our cat sitting services, you can spend time away from home and relax, safe in the knowledge that your pets are happy, content and of course, ruling the roost as they normally would!


While the holiday season brings lots of opportunities for fun, us pet lovers also spend a significant amount of time worrying about our furry family members. When it comes to our kitties, we want to make sure they stay stress free and have the best care while we are away celebrating elsewhere.

What makes cat sitting different from pet sitting? The same reasons that make cats unique creatures! They're independent, have strong personalities and know what they want. They might be indoor cats that crave human interaction, or they might be outdoor cats that spend time wandering the neighbourhood. Whatever your cat prefers, our cat sitting services will adapt to meet your feline friend's routine.


Cat Sitting for Indoor & Outdoor Cats

For indoor cats, hiring cat sitting professionals entails the standard services - playtime, litter clean up, fresh food, clean water and any necessary medications.

For outdoor cats, a cat sitting service means making sure that their food is fresh, their water clean and litter is prepared and accessible for whenever they want it.

If your cat's personality is somewhere in between, we'll bring the best of both worlds - the freedom and fun of outdoor time and the comfort and familiarity of being inside.


Next time you travel to enjoy the holidays or to fulfil other commitments away from home, make sure your cat(s) are happy and safe by leaving them home.

Waggin & Walkin provides a cat sitting service to help you stay as connected to your best friend as much as you can. We'll keep you up to date about their well-being via text or email and if you're returning late in the evening we'll switch on your home lights and close your curtains. If you’re away we can tidy up your post, water your plants and put out the bins.

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