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We can visit your puppy and tend to their every need whilst you're away...


Bringing a new puppy into your home will change your life forever. Your adorable bundle of joy is full of love, energy and of course, tons of curiosity. The first few months with your puppy are full of precious memories, but they can also be chaotic and time consuming.

Unfortunately, this can also lead to torn shoes, random potty stains and other bad habits. During their early months good habits have to be learned, like letting you know they have to go "wee wee" or not chewing on your furniture. They need to eat more frequently than older dogs and need lots of physical interaction and someone to clean up after them!

Now more than ever, your puppy needs consistency, routine and more attention than you may have time to give.

Puppy care requires a lot of attention. From 8 weeks to 6 months, we recommend that a puppy should not be left alone for more than 3-4 hours at a time. Regularly handling and socialising the puppy is extremely important and it's best to introduce dogs to other animals and people early as this will ensure a healthy reaction and keep the puppy calm and balanced.

We can visit your puppy anywhere in Milton Keynes and tend to their every need whilst you're at work. Your puppy's early experiences shape their personality and temperament for life, so it's important that the interactions they experience are as affectionate and as loving as possible.

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Puppy Care in Milton Keynes

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